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TEMAT: Audio Issues with Headphones and BR mode on PC

Audio Issues with Headphones and BR mode on PC 2018/02/08 07:43 #441557

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Hello all,

With my team mates we noticed that, when using headphones, all the "important" sounds are outputted only thru the left earpiece, so not stereo, not spatial sound, nothing.
This makes the game nearly impossible to play because:
A) you can't really tell any difference where the enemy could be
b] there's no difference between distances as your squad members do produce the same amount of footsteps
C) the footsteps when somebody is near is the same, into amount/volume/type as your team mates
Focus on point "C", that makes everything terrible with everyone costantly calling each other to aknowledge who's making sounds around, ending in getting killed/ganged so easily.
The tests have been made on 5 different PCs, equipped only with Headphones and Gaming Headsets, with a broad range of products.
I think sounds are a vital part of the surviving experience; without them playing "strategically" has no sense at all.

Thank you

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